The Mark Leveridge Magic Podcast

The Mark Leveridge May 2019 Podcast

April 30, 2019

'May' I offer you the following topics of magical interest?

  • does Uri Geller really still need to make wild claims in the media?
  • if your spectators have paid specifically to see you perform there is perhaps more pressure on you to deliver than if you are just the 'hired help'
  • getting started at a gig as a strolling magician can be tricky to know the exact right moment to jump in
  • I consider the assertion by Dr. Kuhn that magic is an enjoyable sensation because the audience knows that magic is not real
  • Anthony Owen's demise is a real shock and a huge loss to magic
  • the second hand magic market is surely going to be affected by the lack of physical trick instructions
  • I anticipate my annual trip to the marvellous 4Fs close up magic convention in the US