The Mark Leveridge Magic Podcast

The Mark Leveridge March 2018 Podcast

February 28, 2018

The March miscellany of magic comments offers you....

  • Walking round the dealers at Blackpool reveals that many of the stands and much of the product packaging is so much more professional than it used to be
  • what makes for the best type of subject for a major headline prediction?
  • The Sacred Riana - proving on Asia's Got Talent that presentation will always elevate magic irrespective of how strong the magic itself may be
  • the world is awash with information and if you want to be heard you need to play the long game with your publicity
  • you can find new magic for your act by looking outside the normal magic categories that you might consider
  • how do you evaluate the value of a marketed trick?
  • the goalposts seem to have moved for children's entertainers