The Mark Leveridge Magic Podcast

The Mark Leveridge June 2018 Podcast

May 31, 2018

The early summer 2018 podcast has the following topics:

  • I reflect on my recent US lecture tour which included some dodgy weather and a traffic violation!
  • talking of lectures, I consider what magicians expect to get from a lecture that they attend
  • magical fame and fortune may not always be all it is cracked up to be
  • the Mark Leveridge Magic website is being re-designed and I give you some early teaser information about what it might be like when it launches later in the year
  • I reflect on why it can be difficult sometimes to entertain the people who have actually booked you
  • why offering advice to an inexperienced magician may not be the best thing to do
  • why does magic seem to attract such high levels of incompetence!?