The Mark Leveridge Magic Podcast

The Mark Leveridge January 2019 Podcast

December 31, 2018

Get your New Year off to a flying start by listening to the following topics:

  • The launch of the new Mark Leveridge Magic website is getting closer and I give an update about what it will be like
  • I reflect on the latest Magic Clips get together and compare it to the traditional magic convention
  • why do some spectators think it is OK to rummage through the magician's clothing if they want to find out how a trick is done?
  • the sophistication of some modern dealers is amazing when compared to 30 years ago
  • if a spectator can come up with even a simplistic and inaccurate explanation for your magic, it diminishes the impact of it in their eyes
  • the true story of the lady spectator who found a way to get maximum value for money