The Mark Leveridge Magic Podcast
The Mark Leveridge April 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge April 2019 Podcast

March 31, 2019

Here is the April shower of topics:

  • The show fee debate rages on, but I make the case that all fee amounts have equal validity
  • if you never perform magic for the lay public, does that mean you should have no involvement with magic at all?
  • we are all guilty sometimes of performing tricks that we like and not necessarily ones that our audiences like
  • musicians can teach magicians much about dedication
  • if you could create the perfect magic convention, what would it look like?
  • lay people are sometimes impressed simply because they do not know the secret rather than by the skills that brought about the magic
The Mark Leveridge March 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge March 2019 Podcast

February 28, 2019

The line up of topics for March is as follows:

  • Blackpool is over for another year and I give some observations, including comments on those gold wrist bands!
  • Morgan and West show the way to look at classics and create something better
  • Ian Brennan reveals a singular way to get your name remembered by spectators
  • Judging Arrival Times - an audio advice track extracted from a recent Mark's Monthly Message
  • is getting to the magic 'moment' as quickly as possible, always the right way to go?
  • the variety of dealers at Blackpool is even more diverse than ever
The Mark Leveridge February 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge February 2019 Podcast

January 31, 2019

The February 2019 Podcast offers the following content:

  • Reflections on The Event and The Session from last month
  • do mentalists have a more difficult job than magicians presenting their effects as strolling entertainers?
  • if you want to work your magic for local businesses, get involved in your local business community
  • why face-to-face conversation will stimulate and progress your magic quicker than anything else
  • when creating new magic, should you start with the effect or the method?
  • the biggest challenge for busy performers is maintaining a freshness and spontaneity of presentation
The Mark Leveridge January 2019 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge January 2019 Podcast

December 31, 2018

Get your New Year off to a flying start by listening to the following topics:

  • The launch of the new Mark Leveridge Magic website is getting closer and I give an update about what it will be like
  • I reflect on the latest Magic Clips get together and compare it to the traditional magic convention
  • why do some spectators think it is OK to rummage through the magician's clothing if they want to find out how a trick is done?
  • the sophistication of some modern dealers is amazing when compared to 30 years ago
  • if a spectator can come up with even a simplistic and inaccurate explanation for your magic, it diminishes the impact of it in their eyes
  • the true story of the lady spectator who found a way to get maximum value for money
The Mark Leveridge December 2018 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge December 2018 Podcast

November 30, 2018

The final Podcast of 2018 has the following topics:

  • How do you define the difference between a close up competition and a stand up magic competition?
  • changes in the average attention span of spectators can have an effect on the type of magic we need to present
  • it seems that some people are suffering from magic fatigue
  • I really enjoy spending some time with Paul Gordon putting the magic world to rights
  • is the Christmas rush still a rush?
  • I consider the John Bannon assertion that maybe the stereotypical close up worker may need to change what he does in order to remain bookable
The Mark Leveridge November 2018 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge November 2018 Podcast

October 31, 2018

Dark nights are brightened by the November Podcast contents which feature the following topics:

  • The CCC rebrands as the OCCC but the meeting provides the same great stimulus as always
  • online booking agencies make for lazy enquiries and encourage potentially unfair price comparisons
  • does it matter that explanations of many of our tricks are openly available on YouTube?
  • magicians sometimes get too hung up on moves and procedure and can easily forget what is far more important
  • online video instructions provide both the best and the worst type of trick explanation
  • do you feel a bit uncomfortable performing for people who know you very well, such as family and friends? I look at why this might be
The Mark Leveridge October 2018 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge October 2018 Podcast

September 30, 2018

An OctoberFest of magic opinion and comment featuring the following topics:

  • I reflect that it's not easy as a self employed business person to clear the desks before going on holiday
  • Wittus Witt asks whether close up magic really has any place at modern large conventions
  • creativity is all about making choices, but this can present you with a dilemma
  • Shin Lim brings a theatrical importance to his visual close up miracles in America's Got Talent
  • how much do you value magical advice?
  • cancellation clauses in performance contracts can cause more problems than they solve
The Mark Leveridge September 2018 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge September 2018 Podcast

August 31, 2018

The September Podcast will entertain you and get you thinking with the following topics:

  • I get the opportunity to experience Noel Britten's Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk, and it's awesome!
  • what are the best and worst parts of being a magician?
  • the show format that helped me to gain invaluable performing experience in the early days of my magic career
  • I discuss whether social media ever really delivers in terms of creating actual bookings or whether we are simply deluding ourselves
  • the importance of how we respond to show enquiries is illustrated when my wife and I try to book some entertainment for our own party
The Mark Leveridge August 2018 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge August 2018 Podcast

July 31, 2018

The summery August Podcast contains the following topics:

  • Why on earth do so many of us get involved in magic in the first place? I suggest a whole load of reasons why we might get involved in the art
  • Duncan Trillo launches an interesting new initiative in which he invites fans of his MagicWeek website to become a MagicWeek Backer
  • the football World Cup is over, but maybe there are some lessons to be learned about how not to jump on a bandwagon when it comes to publicity
  • I finally release the 4th volume of my popular card magic series of E-Books
  • there are many things to cope with as a table hopping magician, and none of them are anything to do with the magic itself
  • download instructions are now all pervasive, a situation that has almost sneaked up on us all
The Mark Leveridge July 2018 Podcast

The Mark Leveridge July 2018 Podcast

June 30, 2018

A varied selection of topics this month looks like this:

  • Richy Roy suggests that most of us are charging far too little for our shows and I discuss whether he is right or not
  • I prove that no matter how long you have been in the magic business, there can still be things which happen to you which have never happened before
  • "Strolling magic is not an art, it's a service" says Paul Brook - but is he correct?
  • news of a new MLM release that is a terrific, practical version of a classic plot
  • the mobile phone has changed the way spectators want to experience our magic
  • why do lay people still fall back on cliched explanations for the magic that we do?