The Mark Leveridge April 2016 Podcast

March 31, 2016

You'd be an April Fool not to listen to the latest Podcast which covers...

  • I look ahead to my latest trip to the USA in April and anticipate the lectures and conventions that I will be present at
  • the demise of Paul Daniels leaves a huge gaping hole in the magic scene
  • my daughter experiences first hand an issue that table magicians have to contend with
  • I explain why it is impossible to ever organise the perfect magic event
  • announcing the latest release in the Classic Leveridge Range
  • have you ever considered just how important the event at which you are entertaining is for those present, or is it just your latest gig?
  • what is it that makes you buy a new magic trick, and do you need to be fooled by it first?

The Mark Leveridge March 16 Podcast

February 29, 2016

The March melange of magical musings includes....

  • How I managed to make the Blackpool Convention relaxing!
  • the challenges of performing close up for two blind people
  • Magicseen is in its 12th year and now has a huge body of work to offer 
  • does it bother you when spectators are constantly fiddling with their phones while you are trying to entertain them?
  • the advantages of getting most show enquiries by email
  • the E-Club Pro 30 Day Pass
  • what is acceptable as performance clothing and does it really matter?

The Mark Leveridge February 2016 Podcast

January 31, 2016

Inside this month's audio treat....

  • The Blackpool Convention awaits but will have one small thing missing this year
  • do you adapt your presentation style according to who is in your audience?
  • why magicians are SO lucky to be able to involve spectators in their acts
  • I look at a number of reasons that may prevent you adding fresh material to your show
  • new release Six Appeal has got off to a strong start
  • the inhibiting factor for close up of the quiet, small performance room
  • I consider a response to one of the questions most commonly asked by spectators
  • I reveal my favourite type of booking and explain why it is so great

Mark Leveridge Magic January 2016 Podcast

December 31, 2015

Your New Year edition offers the following:

  • How looking back over 2015 can help you to plan and evaluate what you'd like or need to do in 2016
  • if you pass a booking you can't do to a magic colleague, do you expect to get a cut of the fee?
  • creativity for the long haul needs a managed approach
  • new beginner magic workshops in 2016 at the Mark Leveridge Magic Academy
  • reflections on the current healthy state of live magic in the UK
  • show and self promotion requires constant attention these days
  • do you ever fall into the Charity trap?

Mark Leveridge Magic December 15 Podcast

November 30, 2015

Lined up for your listening pleasure in this month's Podcast you will find:

  • Cancelled bookings - how do you deal with them?
  • Craig Petty makes some interesting assertions about what bookers should look for in a good close up worker
  • I contend that there is a lot of value in getting stimulus and ideas from outside the magic world
  • physical printed books can often have a 'history' that E-Books simply can't match
  • does being an older magician mean you are less likely to get bookings for young peoples' events?
  • why having a mike and amplifier should be seen as essential for many types of show

Mark Leveridge Magic November 15 Podcast

October 31, 2015

November's Podcast offers you the following:

  • The MLM Podcast gets over 5000 plays since last December
  • getting the balance right between fee levels and number of bookings
  • the pressures on Dynamo as his big live shows get underway
  • are magicians getting more tolerant of their performances being filmed by the public?
  • E-Club Pro passes the 500 pages of content mark
  • the fundamental difference between working at dinner functions and at mix and mingle events
  • magicians who do business talks have the advantage
  • from information scarcity to information overload

Mark Leveridge Magic October 15 Podcast

September 30, 2015

Included in this edition of the Podcast...

  • I report on the latest meeting of the Cumbrian Conjurers Collective
  • when is a lecture NOT a lecture?
  • I am surprised to discover that I have become the leader of the Labour party (!)
  • learning from watching top presenter Steve Head at the Entrepreneurs Circle national event
  • new release DC's Rope Routine proves a great success
  • why is it that performers seem to remember the bad shows more readily than the good ones?
  • a special birthday celebration trip means the MLM office will be closed for two weeks in October
  • when the hardest people to entertain at a gig are the ones who have booked you
  • I reflect on the positive influence magic can have on your life

Mark Leveridge Magic September 15 Podcast

August 31, 2015

In the September edition you will find:

  • September lecture schedule
  • the quantum leap from just 'doing' tricks to 'presenting' tricks
  • I grapple with the simple task of getting a passport renewed
  • why we sometimes go blank when performing certain effects
  • news on the MLM Academy
  • the single best way to prevent any problems with getting show fees
  • how to increase the chances of your spectators remembering who you are

Mark Leveridge Magic August 15 Podcast

July 31, 2015
Topics covered in this summer issue are:
  • Juan Mayoral's extraordinary comments from the stage at FISM in Rimini
  • I get first hand evidence that children's magic is as popular as ever
  • news about a new release in the Professional Worker Series of informational E-Books
  • are telephone quotes for shows better than those sent via email? - I consider the pros and cons of both formats
  • the funny things that kids say at shows
  • Pat Fallon's article in the Magic Circular on the problems that illness can cause performers leads me to consider what it is that protects us from 'bugs'
  • the MLM Academy training room is now built and almost ready for use
  • does your magic technique stand up to close scrutiny in bright sunlight?

Mark Leveridge Magic July 15 Podcast

June 30, 2015
The July Podcast covers the following:
  • I report on an evening spent watching Paul Daniel's new Intimate Magic Show
  • it seems that magic tricks happen in the minds of our spectators even when we don't intend it
  • preparations for the MLM Academy are well advanced
  • Jamie Raven is beaten by a dog - how fair is a competition where that is possible?
  • having a sense of your own performance value helps when quoting show fees
  • experts help Magicseen to aid performers to improve their act