The Mark Leveridge August 2016 Podcast

July 31, 2016

This is what you can expect in the August edition...

  • Why we should all embrace the age we are and concentrate some of our marketing directly on those bookers who are attracted to performers of our particular age
  • how I have continued to cope with being a Jeremy Corbyn lookalike
  • I discuss a new event aimed at those who want to learn how to get to grips with marketing themselves
  • Public Domain - how do you define which tricks fall into this category and who makes the decision about it in the first place?
  • some Mark's Monthly Messages are now being made available as downloadable audio files
  • constant performance makes everything the performer does so slick that the way the magician handles his props can be as appealing as the magic itself
  • a lay person asks me why there aren't more women in magic

The Mark Leveridge July 2016 Podcast

June 30, 2016

In July I am looking at the following topics:

  • I consider the luck involved in getting show bookings and how it is hard to predict when they will come along
  • here's a theory for why Richard Jones came first on BGT, and Jamie Raven only achieved a second place
  • being a creature of habit helps me to achieve long running features for magicians
  • I ask the question of whether, if the fee was right, you would take on any type of show?
  • crowdfunding - the future of magic project capitalisation?
  • sometimes we need perhaps to put the brakes on when performing to avoid putting our foot in it!
  • necessity is the mother of invention, especially for creative magicians

The Mark Leveridge June 2016 Podcast

May 31, 2016

Here's what you'll find in the June offering:

  • I look back at my recent tour of the USA and reflect on what it was like
  • do you tend to get more shows at a distance from where you live rather than very locally, and if so, why do think that is?
  • I talk about a brand new release that I am excited about
  • I look at why pro performers are often so slick in the way that they perform
  • the problems that summer heat or general weather conditions can cause for you and your props
  • how we can harness lay people's perception of our magic to our benefit
  • exactly what is it that makes comedy funny? - I discuss the factors that need to come together for comedy to work

The Mark Leveridge May 2016 Podcast

April 30, 2016

This month I have put together a 'gold' version of the Podcast in which I have collected together a selection of extracts from Podcasts that have been published over the last year or so. This is your chance to catch some of the discussions which you may have missed.....

  • how to get cost effective Public Liability Insurance and why you may need it
  • some of your spectators may suffer from Rhabdophobia - do you know what this is?
  • where have all the dedicated magic book suppliers gone?
  • how to turn business cards you collect into a truly valuable resource
  • do less magicians buy at conventions because they are buying all the time online?
  • having a sense of your own performance value helps when quoting show fees

The Mark Leveridge April 2016 Podcast

March 31, 2016

You'd be an April Fool not to listen to the latest Podcast which covers...

  • I look ahead to my latest trip to the USA in April and anticipate the lectures and conventions that I will be present at
  • the demise of Paul Daniels leaves a huge gaping hole in the magic scene
  • my daughter experiences first hand an issue that table magicians have to contend with
  • I explain why it is impossible to ever organise the perfect magic event
  • announcing the latest release in the Classic Leveridge Range
  • have you ever considered just how important the event at which you are entertaining is for those present, or is it just your latest gig?
  • what is it that makes you buy a new magic trick, and do you need to be fooled by it first?

The Mark Leveridge March 16 Podcast

February 29, 2016

The March melange of magical musings includes....

  • How I managed to make the Blackpool Convention relaxing!
  • the challenges of performing close up for two blind people
  • Magicseen is in its 12th year and now has a huge body of work to offer 
  • does it bother you when spectators are constantly fiddling with their phones while you are trying to entertain them?
  • the advantages of getting most show enquiries by email
  • the E-Club Pro 30 Day Pass
  • what is acceptable as performance clothing and does it really matter?

The Mark Leveridge February 2016 Podcast

January 31, 2016

Inside this month's audio treat....

  • The Blackpool Convention awaits but will have one small thing missing this year
  • do you adapt your presentation style according to who is in your audience?
  • why magicians are SO lucky to be able to involve spectators in their acts
  • I look at a number of reasons that may prevent you adding fresh material to your show
  • new release Six Appeal has got off to a strong start
  • the inhibiting factor for close up of the quiet, small performance room
  • I consider a response to one of the questions most commonly asked by spectators
  • I reveal my favourite type of booking and explain why it is so great

Mark Leveridge Magic January 2016 Podcast

December 31, 2015

Your New Year edition offers the following:

  • How looking back over 2015 can help you to plan and evaluate what you'd like or need to do in 2016
  • if you pass a booking you can't do to a magic colleague, do you expect to get a cut of the fee?
  • creativity for the long haul needs a managed approach
  • new beginner magic workshops in 2016 at the Mark Leveridge Magic Academy
  • reflections on the current healthy state of live magic in the UK
  • show and self promotion requires constant attention these days
  • do you ever fall into the Charity trap?

Mark Leveridge Magic December 15 Podcast

November 30, 2015

Lined up for your listening pleasure in this month's Podcast you will find:

  • Cancelled bookings - how do you deal with them?
  • Craig Petty makes some interesting assertions about what bookers should look for in a good close up worker
  • I contend that there is a lot of value in getting stimulus and ideas from outside the magic world
  • physical printed books can often have a 'history' that E-Books simply can't match
  • does being an older magician mean you are less likely to get bookings for young peoples' events?
  • why having a mike and amplifier should be seen as essential for many types of show

Mark Leveridge Magic November 15 Podcast

October 31, 2015

November's Podcast offers you the following:

  • The MLM Podcast gets over 5000 plays since last December
  • getting the balance right between fee levels and number of bookings
  • the pressures on Dynamo as his big live shows get underway
  • are magicians getting more tolerant of their performances being filmed by the public?
  • E-Club Pro passes the 500 pages of content mark
  • the fundamental difference between working at dinner functions and at mix and mingle events
  • magicians who do business talks have the advantage
  • from information scarcity to information overload