The Mark Leveridge August 2016 Podcast

July 31, 2016

This is what you can expect in the August edition...

  • Why we should all embrace the age we are and concentrate some of our marketing directly on those bookers who are attracted to performers of our particular age
  • how I have continued to cope with being a Jeremy Corbyn lookalike
  • I discuss a new event aimed at those who want to learn how to get to grips with marketing themselves
  • Public Domain - how do you define which tricks fall into this category and who makes the decision about it in the first place?
  • some Mark's Monthly Messages are now being made available as downloadable audio files
  • constant performance makes everything the performer does so slick that the way the magician handles his props can be as appealing as the magic itself
  • a lay person asks me why there aren't more women in magic

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